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Proudly voted the “75th best brewery IN THE WORLD” by,
AND #2 craft brewery in America by The Travel Channel!!!!

McNerney’s Irish Red[5.0% ABV]

This Irish Red Ale celebrates a long history of heritage and brewing in Ireland.It is relatively dry, allowing notes of caramel and toffee to emerge with a subtle bitterness and aroma from European hops.  Its distinct deep red hue will keep you lusting for more. $6.00

Seven Sisters Münchner[5.5% ABV]
Our signature beer! Named after the original seven Munich breweries that hosted Oktoberfest, THE beer celebration dating back to 1571. It is a deep rich amber Bavarian Lager (known as a Vienna Style to beer aficionados) with a full, round voluptuous body and a very malty finish. $6.00

Take It Easy Berliner Weiss[4.0% ABV]

A light wheat beer that is clear golden pale in color.  Its slight tart character and effervescence make this a thirst quenching Summertime favorite.  This style was dubbed by Napoleon as the Champagne of the North. $5.50

In traditional German spirit add a dash of raspberry syrup $.50

Munich Helles[4.5% ABV]

What the Helles this beer?  Helles translates as pale or light in German.  This Bavarian style is a golden lager with more malt characteristics and less hop bitterness than a pilsner.  Have a few and see why it’s such a popular style. $5.50


A mild Belgian ale that is dry and slightly tart, with lemon and other citrus notes through out.  European hops are added for balance, resulting in a very refreshing summer sipper. $5.00


REV-elation Coffee Stout [6.0% ABV]

Wake up people! This stout has a complex roasted malt flavor combined with a distinct Brazilian coffee note.This delicious brew is made possible with special thanks to Rev Coffee Roasters of Smyrna, GA for their dedicated contribution! $6.00

Oxymoron Session IPA[5.5% ABV]

A session IPA which is lighter in body and alcohol, and more drinkable than a traditional IPA.  The Oxymoron still packs a nice hop bitterness, flavor, and aroma.  Mosaic hops leave an enjoyable tropical tangerine finish.  $6.75


Hopgasm IPA[7.0% ABV]

Hopgasm is Brewmaster Kevin McNerney's inaugural release at 5 Seasons.  It is a west coast India Pale Ale,
bold in every sense.  It invites you with a nose far more intriguing than most IPAs.  We use 5 different hops, including Simcoe and Amarillo, which give an incredibly rich bouquet and a pleasurable mouth feel. 
It has a solid malt backbone and a sumptuous aftertaste that will make you want multiple Hopgasms. $6.75

Maibock[8.5% ABV]

A German Bock bier brewed for the late spring.  Golden pale in color with a slight nutty malt character. A light sweetness is balanced with European hops, and finishes with a delightful warmth from the alcohol. $6.00

Winter is Coming[7.0% ABV]

Dark and brooding like Jon Snow, but spicy and boozy like Tyrion Lannister. Winter is Coming is a medium bodied ale with a chocolate malt character and a dark garnet color. It has a medley of spices such as cinnamon, mace, cardamom, and mint. This ale just might be the thing to warm the heart of the Night King! $7.50


  As part of a sustainable, natural cycle, we add our brewer’s spent grain to our home-baked bread and share the rest with a local organic farm, where it is composted to grow our vegetables.  We believe in conserving the spirit of the farm and supporting local farmers.  5 Seasons Brewing is acknowledged as the center of Atlanta’s beer culture.  From our location each year, we craft over 40 styles to try to please every beer lover.
                           David Larkworthy Executive Chef/Owner         Kevin McNerney - Master Brewer

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