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Brewmasters Crawford Moran and Kevin McNerney are in charge of nearly 70,000 gallons of beer, so be nice to them! Crawford is formerly of Dogwood Brewing and oversees both the North and Westside locations. Kevin helped to build SweetWater Brewing Company, and also formerly of both Avery and Mammoth Brewing Company.

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Westside Featured brew: Honeymoon Belgian (style) Ale, Westside Beers

Prado Featured brew: Seven Sisters Munchner , a deep rich amber Bavarian Lager. Prado Beers


North Featured brew: Cloud Nine Barleywine, Rich, deep, mysterious.North Beers

Savor the Ropa Vieja at 5 Seasons Alpharetta location.
North Menu

Dig in to some Grilled Ravioli at 5 Seasons Westside location.
Westside Menu

Enjoy Georgia Rabbit Enchiladas at 5 Seasons Prado location.
Prado Menu

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Saturday’s at 1:00pm & 3:00pm

$15 for tour

Tour includes walk through of brewery, beer flight & guided tasting, and a TOGO souvenir of either a Muenchner mug or empty growler.

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